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Joshua Spriggs-Photography-by-Chris-Marxen-Headshots-Berlin.jpg

Nationality: British 

Height:​ 180m - 6”

Appearance:​ Caucasian/ Scandinavian 

Eye Colour: Blue 

Hair Colour: Blonde  

Hair Length: Short

Voice: Tenor 

Locations: Berlin/ London

License: Yes, Car.

Languages: English, German (B2)

Accents/ Dialects: English RP, Heightened RP, London, Liverpool, South-East England, Standard American, General American


A capella, Choreography, Collaboration, Comic timing, Communication, Football, Guitar, Improvisation, Physical performance, Physical Theatre, Piano, Percussion, Presenting, Puppetry, Script analysis, Singing, Singing while playing an instrument, Songwriting, Stage fighting, Ukulele, Voice-Acting, Voice control Joshua Spriggs Joshua Spriggs Joshua Spriggs


Joshua Spriggs is an Actor and Voice Actor originally from the UK. Since 2015, he has been based in Berlin, Germany. Joshua has built an impressive career in the performing arts, with notable credits in theatre, television, and film.

As a stage actor, Joshua has displayed his versatility working with companies such as The Royal Shakespeare Company, Frantic Assembly, and Platypus Theatre, showcasing his skills in physical theatre, actor musicianship, and devising as well as working with classical texts. 2023 will see Joshua's debut in television, including the Apple TV+ series Constellation and Oscar-winning director Thomas Vinterberg's new series Families Like Ours. His most notable credits in films include RICOCHET (2020) and Free Therapy (2019),  playing lead roles in both and receiving acclaim from international audiences with Free Therapy winning Best Short Film at the Munich Film Awards.

Joshua left his musical mark on RICOCHET, composing and performing memorable, original songs for its soundtrack. Australian production company Baby Banksia noted his musical talent and approached him to feature his music in their TV series More Than This  (Paramount+). Joshua's song "Fine Lines" plays in the opening scene of the final episode of season 1, and as a result, he is set to release his debut single in 2023.

As a voice actor, Joshua has worked with numerous high-profile clients, and his voice can be heard on TV, and radio in video games and museums. His ability to bring a feeling of authenticity and charm to voice projects has earned him a returning loyal client base with companies such as Allianz, Audi and Zalando.

In addition to his work on screen, stage, and as a musician, Joshua is also a respected teacher. He regularly teaches at Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology on the Screen Acting BA degree, sharing his experience and knowledge with aspiring actors.

With his talent, dedication, and passion for the performing arts, Joshua has become a prominent figure in the English-speaking scene in Berlin. His work continues to inspire and captivate audiences, while his teaching helps to nurture the next generation of performers.

Education & Training

Rose Bruford College, London UK l European Theatre Arts (BA Hons) 2012- 2015

NAPAI (New International Performing Arts Institute), Berlin, Germany l Dramaturgy of Physical Acting l 1 Week Intensive 2022

Moving-Things, Berlin Germany l Puppetry and Devised Performance l 2 Week Intensive 2022

Schott Acting Studio, Berlin Germany l Screen Naturalism, Miranda Harcourt l Berlin, Germany l Weekend Intensive, 2019

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn Estonia l Michael Chekhov Technique, 3 Months 2014

Baltic Film School, Tallinn Estonia l Screen Acting, 3 weeks 2014

BIMM, Brighton UK l Songwriting Diploma, 2011- 2012

TV Selection

2023 Families Like Ours
StudioCanal, TV 2 Denmark series, directed and written  by Thomas Vinterberg l Co-Star 

2023 Constellation,
Apple TV+ series, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel l Featured 

2023 Nothingman 

Midnight Odyssey Productions l Directed and Written by Li Wallis | Co-Star


Film Selection

2023 The Blurry Pictures   

feature, directed by Martín Oliveros Heinze | Stevie - Lead

2022 Mockingbird   

short, directed by Julia Jakolski | Finn - Supporting


short, directed by Mala Ghedia | Nick - Lead

2020 Free Therapy 

short, directed by Aaron Lucas | Tim - Co-Lead

2020 Daddy Rick’s Final Jam.

short, directed by Trevor Lischka | Flatmate - Supporting

2018 Days Without Incident 

short, directed by Sebastian Matthias Weissbach | Boyfriend - Co-Lead

2016  ReCreation

short, directed and written by Sebastian Matthias Weissbach l Supporting Role  

Voice Over

2022 Icarus F**ked Up! - Flying Fox Theatre

directed by Timo Radunz, Berlin & German Tour | Nigel - Lead

2021 iTalk - Platypus Theatre

directed by Rebecca Scott, Berlin & German Tour | Lanny - Lead

2020 Money Matters - Platypus Theatre

directed by Anja Scollin & Rebecca Scott, Berlin | Harry - Lead

2019  A Christmas Carol - Berlin English Repertory Theatre

directed by Erman Jones, Berlin |  Young Scrooge - Supporting

2018 Teenagers in Trouble - Platypus Theatre

directed by Peter Scollin,  Berlin Tour | Dave - Lead

2017 Fox - Platypus Theatre

directed by Anja Scollin, Berlin & German Tour | Gerard Lavell - Lead

2015 A Midsummer Night's Dream - Royal Shakespeare Company

directed by Ian Huges, Royal Shakespeare Company | Mustardseed - Supporting

2015 Today is my 100th Birthday - Dead Iconics

directed by Anka Makrzanowska, Edinburgh l Ensemble 

2014 From Me To You - Frantic Assembly 

directed by Scott Graham, London | Ensemble 

2014 Macbeth The Synergy Theatre

directed by David Parton, UK & Norway Tour l McDuff - Supporting

2013 Rome and Juliet - The Synergy Theatre

directed by David Parto,  UK & Norway Tour l Tybalt - Supporting

2023 | Pandora | UK Commercial Campaign

2023 | Zalando | UK Radio Commercial

2023 | Renewables Grid Initave | Image Film

2023 | Staffordshire University | UK TV & Social Media Commercial

2022 | Allianz Foundation | Image Film

2022 | Ritter Sport | Online Commercial

2022 | Zalando | Radio + EU TV Commercial

2022 | Oreo | Product Launch at Internal Event 

2021 | Hamburg Kunsthalle | DeChirico Exhibition | Museum Audio Guide

2022 | ALEXA Shopping Centre | Commercial

2021 | UNESCO | World Heritage of Saxony Anhalt | Documentary

2020 | Deutsche Telekom | Future Skilling | Image Film  

2020 | rbb/ Arte | Berlin 1945 l Documentary 

2020 Milka | Busy Striders | Image Film

2019 | Bacofoil | The Non-Stick Kitchen Foil | UK TV Commercial  

2019 | Coca Cola | Internal Image Film 

2018 | KIA | Man RIO | Online Commercial 


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