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Joshua Spriggs, Professional Voice Over, Voice Actor, Sprecher
Joshua Spriggs, Influence from experience

"By taking the time to truly understand a character's circumstances and motivations, I am able to unlock the essence of their story and bring it to life on stage or screen, in a way that truly resonates with audiences"

The Artist's Life of Balancing Projects, Art-Work Podcast

in conversation with Joshua Spriggs

Influence from experience 

"I've always understood the world through stories, and without realising it at the time, my upbringing helped me see the world through other perspectives. As an Actor, my approach to acting is deeply rooted in the art of empathy and understanding which was nurtured from a young age and later became the cornerstone of my approach to my craft.


Growing up in a bustling household on the southern coast of England, I lived alongside children and teenagers coming from all different backgrounds and situations. My parents, social workers turned emergency foster carers, opened their home to young people who found themselves in the UK foster care system.  The bedroom across the hallway was regularly occupied by people of all shapes & sizes, beliefs & backgrounds who would live with us for a week, a month or sometimes years, each having their own story and circumstance.


I was always struck by the strong personalities and characters of those who live with us. Instead of judging them, I tried to understand them, focusing on similarities and developing a more nuanced perspective. It's much easier to label someone than to understand them, but living together taught me to see beyond surface-level differences. I would always search for ways to bond, be it through sports, music or TV & film and over time, I could piece together an authentic picture of those I live with by understanding their unique circumstances. Connecting with new people at home challenged me, but it also allowed me to see things through different eyes and appreciate alternative viewpoints. 

By practising empathy and striving for understanding, I was able to truly see the multitude of characters who came into our home. Each as unique as the previous, with their own stories to tell and perspectives to share. These experiences have helped shape my worldview and have given me the ability to connect with characters, relationships, circumstances, and motivations in my work as an actor.With this understanding, I approach challenging roles, scenes, and scripts with a sense of confidence, knowing that I can unlock the essence of their story and bring it to life on stage or screen in a way that truly resonates with audiences. Through my work, I hope to continue to see the world in new ways and to connect with those around me in a more meaningful and authentic way.

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